Managing your Home Care Package?

How can Seniors Community Care be your Home Care Package provider?

You can request Seniors Community Care as your provider either during your assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team or when you visit the My Aged Care website by simply selecting Seniors Community Care as your provider to register your Home Care Package with us.

Once you have been allocated a Home Care Package one of our friendly and experienced Case Managers will meet with you, and any family or friends you would like involved, to discuss what’s most important to you and how we can help you to keep living life the way you want to. 

We will help you to make the most of your available funding by creating a plan of care and supports.  As your needs and situation change, we will keep in contact with you and meet with you as often as you would like to review your plan of care and to make changes as needed.

If you don’t have a Home Care Package we can help you apply for one through the My Aged Care website.

Flexible Advice Options

Seniors Community Care believe you should have as much involvement in the management of your funding as you choose.

We offer personalised solutions depending on the management support you need. You choose the level of advice and service that suits your individual needs, circumstances and budget. The choice and control is yours.

Option 1: Full Case Management

We will provide you full support in the management of your package and ensure we see you regularly. You have access to a Case Manager for advice, support and advocacy, whenever you need.

Option 2: Self Directed Care

Seniors Community Care provides you with a limited amount of Case Management support.  We’ll assist in arranging services, then allow you to have more funding available for you to engage other supports and services. 

If you do need additional Case Management support on occasion, this can then be provided at an additional cost to the Home Care Package, just like purchasing of any other service or support.

If your needs change over time and you would like to swap from one model to the other, we are happy to assist you to do this.

Can I Self Direct my Home Care Package?

Presently the government does not allow individuals to hold and manage their own funds.  An Approved Service Provider, is required to do this on your behalf.